Our highly experienced team provides you advice and practical help

260 000

tests performed

Evaluation and diagnosis for companies, organizations and private clients.

5 250

assessments carried out

Quality, efficiency, confidentially – be sure to take the right decision

8 000

hours of feedback

Personal advice and coaching based on results obtained by reliable diagnostic tools and procedures

Assessment staff at NantysAG all have completed academic training as occupational and organizational psychologists, as well as several years of experience in a) planning, b) implementation, c) execution d) feedback and e) evaluation of assessments in different contexts.

Our team is complemented by administrative specialists, project managers and specialists in the field of IT / psychometrics. The permanent employment team today includes eleven staff members (except for our legal advisor, our accountant and our IT partner, who work with us on a mandate relationship basis)

The cooperation with the HRM-House allows us to provide additional guidance from HR experts who are able to make a professional contribution within the framework of various mandates.


Sébastien Simonet

Lic. phil.
Geschäftsführer & Senior Managing Partner
Arbeitspsychologe FSP

Tanja Schneider

Management Consultant
Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologin

Sebastian Zilse

Management Consultant
Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologe

Nicola von Allmen

Dr. phil.
Management Consultant
Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologin FSP

Simone Buechi

MSc. Psychologie
Senior Management Consultant
NDS Unternehmensführung


Estelle Mugnari

Senior Management Consultant
MSc Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie

Barbara Jordi

Senior Management Consultant

Business Coach, Unternehmens- und Organisationsberaterin

Eva Domitner

Head of Quality Management 
Senior Consultant & CR Manager

Woleta Mulugeta

Leiterin Administration

Lisa Haener

Mitarbeiterin Administration

Asal Dana

Lernende Administration

Reto Maron

Senior Sales Consultant

Karin Lack

Head of Finances

Stéphanie Loher

Management Consultant
Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologin

Mariangela Schwerzmann

Dipl. FH
Senior Management Consultant

Präsident des Verwaltungsrates der Nantys AG

Markus Egger

Senior Managing Partner

Mehr als 15 Jahre Erfahrungen

Nantys™ AG is a stock corporation headquartered in Bern and other offices in Zurich, which were established in 2004.

Nantys™ AG has a core team of eleven full-time employees. All of our team members have many years of experience in the field of job-related proficiency diagnostic, particularly in planning, executing and evaluating of professional assessments (Assessment Centers). Accredited partners with whom we have worked for many years can be added to the team at any time.

The Company is specialized in providing personnel-related psychological services. Our primary focus is on consulting services and product developments in HR segments such as personnel selection processes, performance evaluation, team diagnostics and team development as well as employee surveys and customer satisfaction services. In collaboration with our partners from universities and our academically educated experts on-site, we are able to conduct larger research undertakings dealing with job-related, personnel and organization psychology questions.

Since its establishment, Nantys™ AG has provided services and today, renowned Swiss organizations and companies are among its customers. References are not provided here for reasons of data protection. However, we are happy to provide information about our customers on request.

In the product segment, Nantys™ AG develops both handwritten and web-based testing systems (such as personality questionnaires, social competency tests, intelligence tests, etc.), which can be utilized in the selection process as preselection instruments or as support tool to provide a better support for employees. One focus is on the development of procedures customized to company cultures. One of our successful procedures is our apprentice test *kompass* and the social competency test SoCo.

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