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approx. 60 minutes


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Geneva Test of Emotional Competence

This online procedure provides a reliable assessment of a person’s “emotional quotient” (EQ).

Areas of assessment:

Is the person able to recognize what someone is expressing or how they feel by quickly and accurately classifying non-verbal signals?

Can the person understand how others feel in a particular situation?

Does the person have their own feelings under control in different situations?

Does the person understand how to behave correctly in tense situations and how to help resolve conflicts?

Areas of application

Selection/training of senior managers:

This tool can help in the selection/training of managers to recruit/develop “leaders” who understand how to lead and coordinate “intelligently” the activities of others. The result is greater motivation, greater commitment and, ultimately, greater efficiency.

Selection/training of sales professionals:

In sales, the main objective is to anticipate customer needs and offer them offers that promise them maximum profit. Without emotional intelligence, this is only possible in the rarest of cases, so clarifying this ability is an important success factor in recruiting or developing the right employees.

Personal development:

Whether at work or in private life, scientific studies show that more emotionally intelligent people lead more successful and happier lives.

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