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Approx.  4 hours*


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* Depending on the number of modules selected


Excutive online assessment

This e-evaluation is a series of online tests that cover three areas of assessment.

Areas of assessment:

Includes all the prerequisites and cognitive and intellectual potentials of a person.

Captures a person’s motivations and interests for different subjects or areas of activity.

Allows for a well-grounded personality analysis based on: a) oneself, b) methodical skills, c) social skills and d) a person’s leadership skills.

Areas of application


This tool can be used to perform a comprehensive assessment useful in personnel selection to reliably and effectively assess candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and compare them with a customized requirement profile.

Personnel development / Talent management:

The online test series can be used in staff development and talent management to identify areas of development and untapped potential and then promote them in a targeted way.


In vocational reorientation, the test can be used to identify resources that can have a supportive effect when accompanying people in difficult situations.

Taking inventory of your position:

In a professional career, there are always times when it is worthwhile to interpret your own abilities and skills in order to decide what to do next in your own “career”. BlueprintTM provides the necessary basis for making sustainable career decisions.

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