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Strengthening social and team skills

Tensions and lack of communication can seriously affect the effectiveness of teams and individuals. We are your competent partner in the field of team and organizational development and conflict management.

We offer you tailor-made combinations of tests, team analyses and advice that prevent conflicts from threatening success.

Learn to understand how your team works, the role played by each member of your team and make diversity your strength.

Together with you, we analyse the causes that have caused this situation and give you the necessary impetus to optimise the attractiveness of your company.

Discover where your strengths and development potential lie in the field of emotional and social skills and thus make lasting changes in your interpersonal relationships.

We help you to better understand the causes of these conflicts, manage them constructively and improve the quality of your relationships.

Talent management and personality development

It is rare that a person’s talents and potential are really fully exploited – often even if we are not aware that they exist. Join us in our search for these hidden treasures!

The skills of each interacting individual become the strength of your company. We help you to orchestrate this.

Regular evaluations help you and your employees to work consciously, purposefully and sustainably with the existing potential.

From the creation of an interest and skills profile to a complete e-evaluation or tailor-made coaching: there are many ways to get to know yourself better.

Through a combination of self-assessment and objective hetero-assessment, you can identify your strengths and development potential and overcome your doubts.

Person selection and application process

We offer reliable and concrete solutions for all questions concerning the application and recruitment process. We support employers, HR teams and employees with reliable aptitude diagnosis and occupational psychology consulting procedures.

Reliably find out who is best suited for your business.

Take this opportunity to make your decision on the basis of a solid selection basis.

Find out exactly which are your strengths and how you can best present yourself.

Don't let your decisions be made by chance!

Our professional diagnostic procedures and many years of experience help you to make important decisions based on objective information.

Job evaluation - staff development - career planning

We help you to play an active role in the development of your company’s personnel, making the best use of existing resources and initiating desired or necessary changes without wasting valuable time and energy. Our tests are also effective for anyone who wants to redirect their career.

Identify the causes of skills gaps, define targeted development measures and provide support for the development process.

Help your employees actively shape their careers within the company and open up new opportunities.

Learn about your employees’ leadership potential. Strengthen the social skills of your team’s managers.

We offer training in the interpretation of the results as well as in the implementation of feedback discussions.

Recognize your strengths and create the basis for a successful change process in your life with our support.

We would be pleased to provide you an individual offer.

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