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Why work with Nantys tools?

As occupational and organizational psychologists, we have been developing – since 2004 – scientifically-based tests for the work environment, which meet the highest expectations of our customers in the most diverse fields of activity.

We also work to the highest scientific quality standards (e.g. DIN 33430 for vocational aptitude diagnostics), enabling us to offer psychometric tests of the highest expectations.

Our tests

Career guidance tool

Nantys-Wannabee is a convenient online tool that allows you to learn more about a person’s professional interests and skills in order to address career counselling issues.

e-Assessment System

Nantys BLUEPRINT is a modular test system that adapts to the needs of our customers and only captures those aspects of a candidate that are defined as relevant to the requirement.

Nantys Personality Assessment

Do you want to systematically record the personality traits of your employees or candidates in order to have a better selection basis or to be able to deduce development measures from them?

Geneva Emotional Competence Test

This scientifically proven test assesses the emotional skills involved in managing one’s own emotions as well as those of others.

Kompetenz-Assessment für Schüler und Lernende

Der Test erhebt sowohl die intellektuellen Leistungsvoraussetzungen als auch persönlichkeitsbezogene Kompetenzen. Der Abgleich mit unterschiedlichen Berufsfeldern dient den Lernenden als Orientierungshilfe bei der Berufswahl.

Avez-vous un boulot de m… ?

Participez à notre bref sondage et dites-nous si vous jugez que votre travail fait sens ou, au contraire, qu’il vous semble inutile.

Haben Sie einen “Scheissjob”?

Machen Sie bei unserer kurzen Umfrage mit und sagen Sie uns, wie sinnvoll oder nutzlos Sie Ihren Job finden…