Assessments – Professional aptitude assessments


Professional aptitude assessments are the foundation for well-founded decisions in the human resource sector. Our qualified and experienced experts compile reliable diagnostical information for various assessment types for you. We guarantee you quality, efficiency and discretion at the highest degree.

Our proficiency assessments are based on the assessment quality standard DIN 33430 (guidelines for job related aptitude diagnostics), which guarantees that quality criteria is met during the whole process. This refers especially to the assessor’s qualification, the test procedures and the complete diagnostical process.

Our mission is to gather information about the skills, competences and potentials of people in a way that allows the best possible satisfaction and efficiency when matching the person to the job related challenges.

We can offer you aptitude assessments of the highest quality and in accordance with the concept of  integrative diagnostic, which is based on state-of-art scientific standards. Furthermore our team consists of qualified and experiences assessors.

Our proposals are tailor-made in order to comply with your requirements and desires. You are able to choose in which scope you would like to involve yourself and your HR specialists into the assessments process and which tasks you would like to leave to us.

Your success is our priority. We look forward to a good collaboration.


A differentiated and reliable staff assessment

We use methods and procedures which are modularly structured and correspond to the newest scientifical standards. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that our services meet the highest quality standards. Our staff assessments are distinguished by:

  • requirement-related and reliable statements about the personal performance prerequisites of the candidates
  • a economical and customer orientated execution
  • an attractive, informative and transparent presentation of the assessment results
  • prompt, professional and sustainable result feedback in the course of the personal feedback conversation for both client and candidate
  • quality assurance, regular evaluation and validation of our procedures

Communication and cooperation – your keys to success

Development & Management

Identifying strengths and weaknesses and deriving support measures.

Development assessments allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your present or potential prospective employees, and initiate suitable support measures.

In order to keep a competitive position in the future it is essential to have a smart staff recruiting process and a competitive human resource development. This is the only way to keep existing potentials on the highest level of knowledge and performance. Nowadays it is not just about the promotion of executives but also about the company-wide development of skills and competences. We can offer you the assessment of the following spheres of competence:

  • Personality
  • Experiences / knowledge
  • Motivation / professional interests
  • Performance (intelligence structure, problem solving abilities)
  • Specific skills

Only through the assessment of each single level of competence is it possible to derive precise development possibilities and adequate measures, which may serve as a basis for professional support programmes.

Personal career assessment

Career Assessment

If you are you planning your career, repositioning yourself on the job market or are reorienting yourself, we can offer you a suitable assessment for all cases. Our career experts and an experienced diagnostic team ensure that you receive professional services that apply to the current market conditions and suits every budget.

In a world that is increasingly influenced by uncertainty and change, it becomes more important to receive objective feedback about your performance and to receive possibilities for adaption to rapidly changing circumstances.

The process of our career assessments is as follows:

  • definition of a concrete questioning
  • determination of tailor-made process of tests and excercises
  • planning and organisation of the assessments
  • execution of a thourough assessment of strenghts, weaknesses and potentials
  • establishment of a personal career and orientation report
  • execution of a detailed feedback session
  • scientifical evaluation of measures

After a detailed feedback about the captured performance capabilities, the aim is to recognise the chances and to establish a basis which enables you to start a focused development.

Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience, we are able to provide you with concrete career paths that pave the way to a successful future for you and your employees.

Potential assessment

Assessment of potential and talent management

The aim of a potential or talent assessment is to establish an education, respectively career profile, which corresponds to the specific abilities and personality traits of a person. This profile supports the individual career planning including the support measures and a customised proposal for jobs and (further) education. By means of specifically selected observation dimensions, we are able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the participants. Thereby we are able to forecast the professional development perspectives and possibilities with great accuracy. This assessment can be applied as follows:

  • when choosing a career path
  • as a support for an optimal integration in to the labour market
  • for a professional reorientation
  • for job placements
  • for education and advanced education

Management Audit

A company-specific competency model – the basis of your personnel decisions

A carefully established competency model serves as a foundation for all personnel decisions, when used for the entire area of personnel politics. If you do not have such a competency model, we will develop one in cooperation with you. Your corporate strategy and your vision serve as a basis for the competency model.

Based on this model, personnel policy measures and focal points can be defined. This helps with the development of executives, the planning of succession and also with recurring personnel tasks such as personnel development, the personal development of an employee and the selection process.

We can offer you an external and thus neutral opinion. Our assessments are aligned to the customer’s personal competency model and contain a tailor made evaluation and report.

Team diagnostics & Climate analysis

How does your team work?
How is your team?

Would you like to increase the efficiency of a team or project group, or would you like to relieve tensions within and amongst individual groups? We are here to support you with our team development measures.
An analysis of strengths and weaknesses serves as a basis for our development measures.

This analysis captures and documents the experience and behaviour tendencies of the individual team members and the decision, communication, problem solving and leadership processes within and amongst the team, which are essential for cooperation.

Thereafter, the development potential, the current efficiency and the climate are portrayed and elucidated as a whole. From this, development measures can be derived which are planned and implemented in accordance with you.

A subsequent evaluation serves to examine the strength of effect of the intervention(s) both on the basis of the improvement of skills and climate, as well as the performance aspects.

Within the scope of team and organisation development measures, we can offer you the following services:

  • comprehensive analyses of structure, process, climate and performance
  • development measures which correspond to your structural and cultural conditions
  • an evaluation of the implemented measures
  • conflict coaching or mediation for different leadership and cooperation constellations

We would be pleased to provide you an individual offer.

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