In summary:


Full Scale: about 50 minutes
Executive: about 30 minutes


Fr. 119.00 (Full Scale) excluding VAT
Fr. 69.00 (Executive) excluding VAT


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Nantys Personality Assessment

This online personality inventory identifies key characteristics or “soft skills” that are of a crucial importance in the recruitment and development of experts and executives in a modern professional context.

Areas of assessment:

1 (1) scale evaluating relevant response tendencies

16 (5) scales measuring self-efficacy skills

5 (2) scales evaluating the behavior in the workplace

5 (4) scales measuring prosocial skills

2 (2) scales evaluating leadership skills and the ability to influence others

( ) Executive Version

Areas of application

Profile selection and recruitment

As a screening tool (Executive Version) or for in-depth analysis of all relevant personality traits (NPA-Full Scale), the psychometric NPA is particularly suitable for ensuring efficiency and confidence in decision-making processes related to human resource management.

Staff development

In the development of existing human resources, the tool serves to identify the strengths and weaknesses related to personality traits and skills in order to promote existing potentials or weaken performance limitations through appropriate measures.

Management-Audit and Team development

In change processes or when problems in the cooperation within different committees emerge, the NPA offers important insights to initiate measures to improve cooperation or to re-allocate responsibilities in working groups.

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